VPS Server Hosting

Secure and stable, with as much control as you need.

Our high-performance VPS hosting solutions give you all the customization and control - exactly when you need it. Whether you need Linux or Windows, Cirrus Hosting has the perfect plan for you.

What to expect from our VPS servers

**Premium** datacenters

Premium datacenters

Our Toronto-based and global datacenters ensure unparalleled performance and reliability.

**Redundancy** and protection

Redundancy and protection

Experience fully redundant power, network, and DDoS protection, providing you with a comprehensively secured server environment.

**Dedicated** environment

Dedicated environment

Enjoy your exclusive dedicated server environment for complete control and optimal performance.

**Superior** hardware

Superior hardware

Boost your site with the power of superfast AMD EPYC 3 servers paired with NVMe RAID 10 storage for lightning-quick operations.

**Expert** management

Expert management

Our team provides 24/7 monitoring, backups, and configuration support, ensuring a fully managed, worry-free experience.

**Flexible** VPS solutions

Flexible VPS solutions

Seamlessly upgrade between packages and adapt your hosting to meet your business' evolving need with ease.

**Full** software compatibility

Full software compatibility

We support all common software including PHP, MySQL, Redis, and Memcached. Additional software like Elasticsearch is also available upon request.

**Performance** that scales

Performance that scales

Enjoy extreme scalability and high performance that cater to your expanding business needs.

**Enhanced** security measures

Enhanced security measures

Benefit from enhanced security measures, safeguarding your server environment against potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Discover our Alto Linux VPS plans

Explore our Alto Windows VPS plans

Why move to Cirrus Hosting?

**CDN & Accelerator**

CDN & Accelerator

Cloud Accelerator automatically optimizes web applications and web server content running on VPS and automatically publishes them to our global CDN.

**Private Network**

Private Network

You can transfer data between your multiple VPS subscriptions more quickly, securely and isolate the machines you don’t want to be publicly accessible.

**VPN & Firewall**

VPN & Firewall

Looking for extra level of security? Deploy firewall or VPN machine to secure access to the outside world, monitor and control incoming and outgoing traffic.

**Remote Backup**

Remote Backup

Our Enterprise-level backup solution (Managed Backup) provides near continuous data protection.



Now you can order more remote desktop licenses for your Windows VPS and establish multiple concurrent connections to your Windows server.

Cloud Applications

Industry standard control panels
Parallels Plesk or cPanel

Many OS options
– AlmaLinux 8
– Ubuntu 22.04
– CloudLinux 8
– CentOS Stream 9
– Windows 2019
– Windows 2022

Website building tools & cloud apps
A full catalog of hundreds of cloud applications compatible with our service can be found at https://www.apsstandard.org/

Management and monitoring on smartphones
Start, Stop, Reboot, Monitor CPU & Memory as well as the health of your VPS / web server on iPhone & Android and 24/7 (When purchased Plesk PowerPack)

Our VPS experts are on-hand 24/7, for whatever you need.

From sales to support queries on which VPS plan is best for you, our team is ready to chat. Get started for an instant reply.

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